• Kenzie

where it all started

Updated: Mar 3

Holding a camera in my hand for the first time was one of those life changing experiences, when you feel like you found another part of yourself.

I was such a big fan of looking out the car window as a kid, I would always see and capture images in my head of all the gorgeous views I wish I could see for just a little bit longer. I remember getting my first camera like it was yesterday, and I think thats pretty good considering it was over a decade ago. I was on a trip to see my grandmother in Idaho with my dad, and sister. It was the first time I was traveling somewhere further than just a few hours from my home in Syracuse, New York. My trip to Idaho is what really inspired me to own a camera of my own, and if you've ever seen Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in the Fall, you would know that the views are worth taking photos of. A little red fuji film point and shoot is where it all started for me, it was tiny, easy to use, and I felt like the coolest kid ever. I was taking photos of everything.

A thousand blurry, underexposed photos later, I took a photo that was half way decent, and I knew I wanted to take a million more. I wanted to show people the beauty I saw in even the simplest of things.

Everyone perceives concepts and ideas differently, and I find that to be such a beautiful thing. I believe creativity lives in the heart of everyone, and the uniqueness they bring to the world. I became infatuated with telling my story, and recording my memories with my trusty sidekick of a camera, and before I knew it, photography just became a part of who I am.

I fell in love with the power of visual communication. That's when Mackenzie Stevenson Photography (name still a work in progress, lol) was established. This blog is a way for me to keep my story alive, tell the stories of others, give advice, and hopefully inspire you to slow down, and observe the beauty in the timeless moments, and the simplest of moments.

A lot of big things are happening for me in the next few months, so stay tuned for some interesting stories, and awesome photos!